Edward J. Connor '92

Dean of Admissions

Monday, April 14, 2008

Tax Day

A long night ahead as I finish up my taxes...with the Red Sox losing 4 to 1 I am just about out of excuses....I guess I need to bite the bullet and finish them up!! Oh wait a nice single to right by Manny Ramirez....are they going to suck me back in?

Don't forget to get your free donut at Dunkin Donuts tomorrow...the only good thing to look forward to on tax day!!

In WPI news - lots of visitors to campus the last several days in spite of the rash of bad weather we've been having on Saturdays. Don't forget we'll be open the next 4 Saturdays.

For the admitted students don't forget to RSVP for Closer Look next week (the 23rd).

And last but not least - If you are waiting on your financial aid award, please be sure to make sure all your paperwork has been submitted....we do require the CSS PROFILE form as well as the FAFSA...not everyone seems to realize this!!

Have a good one,