Edward J. Connor '92

Dean of Admissions

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Starting Salaries at WPI

WPI continues to rank near the top of the median starting salary list for US universities. Payscale.com compiles rankings each year that are typically picked up and "presented" by a number of different media outlets including the NY Times, Boston Globe and Forbes. A year ago the Boston Globe recognized WPI for having the 3rd highest median starting salaries of all colleges in New England and the 12th highest in the nation...don't forget there are about 4,000 colleges in the country!!

According to the new Payscale.com rankings WPI is now #2 in New England and #10 in the nation!!

The NY Times has picked up the new rankings info and released an article in the last few days. In addition to recognizing specific schools, they list the "Top 10 majors that lead to high salaries". 7 of the 10 are engineering fields..all offered at WPI and physics, computer science, and economics round out the top 10...all also offered at WPI:)

As I often say it's not all about the money, but great to see our graduates doing so well for themselves:)