Edward J. Connor '92

Dean of Admissions

Friday, July 17, 2009

Application Supplement

It's Friday!! But before I head out for the weekend I wanted to share that we are putting the final touches on new supplemental questions for the Common Application, as well as the Universal Application. Starting this fall, applicants to WPI will be asked to complete a few supplemental questions before submitting their application. For those students submitting the common or universal application on-line the questions will be integrated into the application. For those using a paper application there will be a link to a pdf of the supplemental questions which will be housed on the WPI web site.

Why are we doing this? The main reason is to better accommodate our Flex Path Option. Do you know that WPI went test optional three years ago? Students have the option to have their standardized test scores considered by the admissions committee, or if they feel that their test scores are not a good reflection of their potential for academic success at WPI, they can submit supplemental materials to be considered in lieu of test scores through our Flex Path Option. Learn more in our Applying to WPI section.

The supplement will give all applicants a chance to clearly state whether or not they want their test scores to be considered. In addition, we've added a few more questions to help the committee get to know our applicants a bit better.

We don't want to create more work for our applicants, but with applications essentially doubling over the past 5 years a little more information can be very helpful in our admissions deliberations.

The supplement should be live by the end of the month for all you early bird applicants!!

Enjoy the nice weekend:)


Monday, July 13, 2009

A Quiet Weekend? Never!!

On Sunday over 170 rising high school juniors and seniors arrived on campus for WPI’s 27th annual Frontiers Program. This group represents our largest enrollment in the program’s history. Students arrived from various locations across the country and around the globe, including Greece, Brazil, Italy, and the United Kingdom. Traditionally a two week program, a third week has been added this year which focuses on Robotics Engineering. Participants will have the option to stay for all 3 weeks, or to attend Session I (first two weeks) or Session II (the third weekly only).

More information on the Frontiers Program can be found at www.wpi.edu/+frontiers, including academic descriptions, program schedules, and the “Frontiers Newsletter” for participants.