Edward J. Connor '92

Dean of Admissions

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

One month and counting...

Tomorrow marks one month to go before New Student Orientation. It's an exciting time for all the soon to be college freshmen and we look forward to welcoming everyone to campus on August 24th. If you are an incoming student and haven't finished (or started!!) the course registration process please be sure to contact the Academic Advising Office immediately.

Lots going on over the next few days - The Frontiers Program is wrapping up. The students head off to the Museum of Science tomorrow and then the closing ceremonies on Friday. The two weeks flew by.

Next week will see the start of our academic visit days. Planning a visit? Check out the schedule on the web: http://admissions.wpi.edu/Visit/summervisits.html.

The student blogs will be kicking in again at the start of the school year, but in the meantime also be sure to check-out my colleague Adam's blog: http://www.epsteada.com/. He has some great updates on the new residence hall.