Edward J. Connor '92

Dean of Admissions

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

It's July!! Where did the spring go?

Wow I guess it's been a while since I sat down to post...hard to believe it's already July 1st.

What's been happening? Well my son is growing up so fast...he amazes me every day with all the new things he can do. I've taken a short 3 day vacation to the Adirondacks. (Yes I grew up in upstate New York.) We've booked a trip to Disney for 5 days in September..can't wait! And the Red Sox are playing well, despite their shocking loss last night!! Looking forward to a relaxing holiday weekend...word is we'll actually see some sun this weekend!!

We are looking forward to about 900 new students arriving on campus in August. There is a ton of activity on campus. Significant renovations are wrapping up at Goddard Hall and renovation projects in the library and Morgan Hall are underway.

If you are one of the Class of 2013 hopefully you've done the following:

1) Submitted your housing application
2) Set-up your WPI e-mail address
3) Registered for classes

There are a number of other items to take care of, but those are three of the most important!! Now when you set-up that WPI e-mail address don't forget to log-in over the summer...we start sending information to it right away...including important items like the tuition bill:)

And what's happening at WPI? It's the calm before the storm. High school has just wrapped up for students around the world and the visitors are coming!! June was relatively quiet with about 100 families on campus for tours, but between the rainy weather and longer school years for many area schools, it's what we expected. July and August will be a different story with several hundred families descending on campus before school starts up again for the fall.

Thinking of visiting? We've just announced our academic visit days at the end of July and August. This will be the third year that we'll be offering the special visit days which incorporate academic presentations into your day. In addition to the information session and tour, hear from professors in the academic department that you are considering. Learn more at http://admissions.wpi.edu/Visit/summervisit.html. (A little insider tip....attend one of the noon time sessions and you'll get a nice lunch to enjoy during the presentation!)

We've also been busy planning recruitment travel for the fall. We'll be busy travelling throughout the US and around the world. If you are reading this is Tuscon, Arizona or Santa Fe, New Mexico, or Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina, we are heading your way!! We are always excited to add new locations to our travel schedule and will be visiting each of those cities for the first time ever!!

Lots more to come on our travels in the coming weeks.

Enjoy your summer.