Edward J. Connor '92

Dean of Admissions

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Interactive Media and Game Development at WPI

Thinking of majoring in Interactive Media and Game Development(IMGD)? Maybe your parents aren't convinced you can make a living off designing games?

Check out the IMGD seminar series at WPI. It's one of the most active speaker series at WPI welcoming guests on a weekly basis to WPI....and it's open to the public.

The spring series is just getting finalized:


Monday, January 12, 2009


Wow it has been quite a while since I sat down to post...so much has happened, the least of which is a new year!! As I read applications I feel older and older as I see birth dates of 1991 and 1992; soon our entire incoming class will have been born after I graduated from WPI!!

Virtually all of our early action applications have been reviewed and decision letters mailed...if you still haven't heard that means we are missing something...maybe a transcript or SAT scores for example. Give us a call and we'll let you know what's happening. We are anxious to wrap up those lingering applications as well.

We already have over 50 students that have submitted their enrollment forms and deposits for next year....this is great to see. That represents a little over 5% of the incoming Class of 2013. This includes students from Texas, Colorado, Maryland, Turkey, Honduras, and of course Massachusetts. If you are one of our admitted students still considering their options, don't worry you are not alone. If you spend time on Facebook you can connect with admitted students in the WPI Class of 2013 group...check it out!

I'd also encourage all of our admitted students to check out the Admitted Student site....http://admissions.wpi.edu/Congrats/ It is brand new and has been seeing lots of traffic. It was just the featured site on a popular higher-ed marketing site: http://www.bobjohnsonconsulting.com/linkoftheweek.html which is always nice to see:)

For those students still working on their application, or with it on their to do list, don't forget our February 1st deadline is just around the corner.

Enjoy the cold weather!!